Johnson's Orthopedic 1994 (My! We have grown)

Our history

Who We Are

Johnson's Orthopedic was founded by Albert S. Johnson in Orange, California in 1962. The Riverside office was established by William P. Kearney in 1983. Currently with 3 offices in Riverside, Pomona, and Hesperia, Johnson's Orthopedic has become one of the largest solely owned Orthotic and Prosthetic Companies in California. We participate with most PPO's, HMO'S, private insurance, Medicare, Medi-Cal and the Veteran's Administration.

Johnson's Orthopedic provides comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care to patients of all ages. In addition, we specialize in pediatrics. Johnson's Orthopedic is a certified Medi-Cal and Medicare facility. We pride ourselves as being on the forefront of research and development utilizing modern technology. Our professional staff routinely provides "in services" for physical therapists to keep them apprised of new techniques. Our goal is to provide our patients with the assistance needed to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Fabrication and Patient Care

The fabrications of our orthotic and prosthetic devices are all custom made, "in-house", with the highest quality of craftsmanship. Each appliance is fabricated by a certified technician under direct guidance of the orthotist /prosthetist. We work closely with each individual patient, their doctor and their physical therapist to determine each patient's part of successful rehabilitation. Every patient is followed up with a two week check-up as well as a three month check-up to assure proper fit and care.

Accreditation and Staff Certification

The American Board of Certification of Prosthetics (ABC) is the national agency for orthotist's and prosthetist's and their facilities. At Johnson's Orthopedic all orthotist's and prosthetist's on staff are ABC certified. We are also an ABC accredited facility.