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Caleb Shows Loma Linda University Students How He Uses His New Arm Prosthesis

Caleb was born with a rare condition called tetra-amelia syndrome, meaning he was born with no arms or legs. He does, however, have a small foot which he is able to use to scoot himself around and even play video games!

Our prosthetists put their heads together to create an upper body prosthesis that allows him to feed himself as well as write. The prosthesis attaches to his shoulder where Caleb is able to maneuver it.

In this video Caleb and his Dad joined us at our yearly lecture at Loma Linda University to showcase his new prosthesis and how he uses it!

We are so proud of you Caleb!

Kayla has been apart of the Johnson's family since she was 1 years old. Here she is testing out her new Transfemoral Prosthesis.

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